The photo is interesting for me as an opportunity for the fine art self-expression. I take photos in order to find, capture and fix weekday moments, simple subjects or things but from a special viewpoint. I donít know what makes a photo a work of fine art, but it is almost sure one of the reasons is the novelty, the takingof a special point of view.


"Man thinking creature, but you can create great works, if it doesn't matter and not considering." (D.T. Suzuki)


You can find here 12 topics each of them contain 4 photos so you can see 48 in total. The topics have a title, but the photos haven't. I think a good photo can reflectupon a viewer and everyone sees something different in it, think about it.


"The real art is not ambitious, instead unintentional." (Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel)